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Social Networking and making the transition to college–newly single!



It’s transition season.

High school graduates are transitioning from high school senior to first-year college student throughout the US. My own institution has hosted nine days or summer orientation. These programs are helpful for colleges and the students in transition and have been around for a long time.

Recently, I’ve been reading more and more about the importance of social media in helping students transition successfully. A number articles, including this excellent one from the Courier-Journal, highlight the benefits of social media and Class Facebook sites. These sites enable transitioning students to ask questions, gather feedback and connect with classmates before all of those ice-breakers that await them in the fall. All of this is good, but it also has the potential to add some interesting post and situations to the mix…and we all get to witness these.

Among the posts about where students will live, questions about the closet tattoo parlor, their course schedules, and when they will start taking alcohol.edu, was this post by a member of The Class of 2015 Facebook page at Augustana:

“Newly single everyone like this if you are single and excited for college!” (The post as received 4 comments and 42 likes, which is only about 5% of the entering class).

I could not help but laugh…really hard…about this post!

I laughed because of all of the times I’ve read application essays about boyfriends or girlfriends and have thought to myself that the relationship will be doomed by college and how many times I’ve heard others advise a transitioning student that they “should end their high school relationship before entering college.”

Now, I have no idea if this member of the Class of 2015 initiated the end of the relationship or if the student was on the other end. But, I do know, at some level, I admire the post.

I just never thought our harmless vehicle “to strengthen ties among entering students” would turn into the personal ads!

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