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And, it begins. Summer is officially over.



Summer is officially over!

Tomorrow, Martha (7) heads to second grade and the Office of Academic Affairs at Augustana College begins a two day retreat of the faculty, which means Augie students will arrive later this week.

These two events signals the end of summer and the beginning of the academic year.

I am very excited for Martha to begin the second grade. She’s grown so much over the summer and I know that much awaits her as a second grader. She will also don her new glasses, about which she’s super excited. I wish for Martha an awesome year.

The return of a renewed faculty is equally exciting for me, particularly after the quietness that is the summer on a college campus. (I recall my Uncle Delwin and Aunt Peggy describing “the depression” that entered their community [Gettysburg] each May when the students left. I know of what they spoke and feel the same melancholy each May). The Faculty Retreat (and new faculty orientation, which has been ongoing since last Thursday) brings energy and life to the campus and serves as the perfect primer for the arrival of our students later this week.

I, like Martha, who already picked out her outfit for the first day of school, am thinking about what I must do to make a positive impression on my first day of school this year, too.

For me, it will probably include making certain wear just this right bow tie–probably one with Augie blue & gold.  I might even shine my shoes in the morning. I’ll commit (at least for the day) to wear my name tag everywhere I go. I’ll go out of my way to shake hands in greeting those who I’ve not seen since commencement and welcome those who are new to the campus. I’ll make sure to arrive at the all-campus convocation early enough to say hello and take stock of the energy and I’ll probably linger a little longer than normal at the all-campus picnic at noon.

These are my first day of school routines; do you have any of your own? What is it that makes the first day of school special or different for you?

Kent Barnds

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  1. Lydia Ruelas Duran says:

    First day of school routine, like you, is to lay my clothes out the day before. When I was about Martha’s age it was to pack and unpack…pack and unpack… all of my school supplies neatly and orderly into my backpack. I loved the weight of a backpack full of new supplies as I headed off to school. Have a great day tomorrow! 🙂

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