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New blog post: Where are all of the admissions/enrollment leaders? And, where the heck are they going? #highered, #admissions



Once in a while I take a look at the jobs section of The Chronicle of Higher Education to see what’s happening and what’s happened to whom?

(Really, who in higher education doesn’t do this? It’s better than the public record in the local newspaper)

The last time I checked in I was astonished to see how many senior leadership positions in admissions and enrollment are available right now. (You can see the list below).

My astonishment led me to ask the following questions:

  1. Are these new positions?
  2. Are they newly configured positions?
  3. If they are not new, what happened to the person who had been there?
  4. Are these institutions at risk while searching for leadership?
  5. Are there a sufficient number of leaders to fill these positions?
  6. Has the pressure and responsibility of leadership in admissions and enrollment become so great that we need to brace ourselves for higher and more frequent turnover?

All of these are critical questions for our profession and for higher education.

More and more is expected of admissions/enrollment leaders than ever before and I wonder if the expectations are becoming too high?

I wonder if the talent pool is deep enough to withstand all of the shifting around (I suspect it is, but not without some pain)?

Are experienced admissions/enrollment leaders doing enough to mentor and train the next crop of leaders?

Are experienced leaders leaving the profession or just institution?

Do presidents and Boards clearly understand what’s happening in the enrollment/admissions world and the significant shifts underway?

I was once again reminded of Eric Hoover’s excellent article about the changing role of the senior admissions/enrollment leader and encourage you to take a look.

During these challenging times can institutions and higher education withstand all of this messiness in admissions and enrollment?

Is anyone else concerned about this? Is anyone talking about this on your campus?

I think we will also need to ask (for the sake of higher education) whether or not the best talent leave their current institution to take on a new challenge in a world that has become so pressurized?

What are your thoughts?  For me, I have more questions than thoughts right now.

W. Kent Barnds a.k.a @bowtieadmission

Senior admissions/enrollment positions available as of October 1, 2011:

Allegheny College—Vice President of Enrollment & Communications

Otterbein College—Vice President of Enrollment Management

Long Island University—Dean of Admissions

Long Island University—Associate Provost and Dean of Admissions

Bates College—Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid

Grinnell College—Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid

William Jewell College—Vice President of Enrollment Management

Franklin Pearce College—Vice President of Enrollment Management & Marketing

Northeastern University—Dean of Undergraduate Admissions

Centenary College—Vice President of Enrollment Services

American University—Director of Admissions & Recruitment

Moravian College—Vice President of Enrollment

University of California-Berkeley—Assistant Vice Chancellor and Dean of Undergraduate Admissions

(Give these a Google and you’ll get a great sense of the vast range of things for which senior admissions/enrollment leaders have the chance to do in contemporary leadership positions. Some great jobs for those of you who are looking).

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