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New blog post: Drawbacks and benefits of the Net Price Calculator #highered, #admissions, #npc



We are putting the finishing touches on our soon-to-be launched Net Price Calculator and I continue to be pleased with thoughtful and thorough approach the team is taking in developing our message.

Before a prospective students starts our NPC we offer the following cautions:

NPC drawbacks

  • Cannot describe the overall value of that education to a student’s personal and professional goals
  • Does not take into account all possible funding available from the college (for example, Augustana’s NPC does not include parent loans for which your family may be eligible, or any special circumstances the financial aid office would consider in an official application)
  • Can dissuade the user from conversations with college employees who can clarify and help, especially if the results are incorrect
  • Implies that price is the only consideration when selecting a college

NPC benefits

  • Gives some early insight into college costs for better planning and saving
  • Shows immediate results
  • Can begin the conversation with admissions and financial assistance advisors, especially if you bring a printout to your college visit
  • Provides a starting point for families unfamiliar with the college search process
I’ve seen lots of list and disclaimers on other NPC pages, but I think Augie, straight-forward approach will help frame the value of the NPC and serve families well.
Kent Barnds a.k.a. @bowtieadmission
P.S. Stay tuned for the launch of our NPC soon.

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