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New blog post from @bowtieadmission: Old post gets new interest: Is it yield season? #admissions #highered #college




This morning I looked at my WordPress analytics to see what kind of interest my post from yesterday about the College Scorecard attracted. And, while it attracted a decent amount of traffic, I was surprised to see how many readers clicked on a post I offered in the fall about the role of faculty in student recruitment.

The post entitled “Best practices” for departmental/faculty involvement in student recruitment” has received a ton of interest in the last two days. Obviously, this makes me quite happy because I think there are some really good take-aways in the post that can help faculty. But, I also am curious about the interest in this post now. Could it be that people are thinking about how important it is to covert those accepted students into enrolled students? Could it be that my colleagues understand how valuable faculty involvement is in making “the closing argument” to future students?

From where I sit, I am just pleased to see the post get some more interest.

W. Kent Barnds a.k.a. @bowtieadmission


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  1. Jon Boeckenstedt says:

    Probably mostly from faculty who want to prove you wrong!

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