I think this blogpost is as relevant today as it was when I first offered it. Value matters.


***This is the fourth essay in a series on value in higher education. This one is focused on the role of the admissions counselor, but I’d argue that all of us (faculty, staff, administrators and board members) could benefit from focusing on the same objectives. 

In preparation for a recent admissions staff retreat during which I was asked to speak about value and the value proposition we offer at Augustana, I spent a considerable amount of time thinking about we do as admissions professionals and how it relates to emphasizing the value or worth of our product. I concluded that the increasing emphasis placed on recruitment has distracted us from the fundamentals of convincing a student or parent of our value.

We spend more time on “send” than we do on receive. We seek effective communicators–those who can wow during a public presentation. We seek convince based on the evidence we think…

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  1. […] done my best to discuss value and valuable experiences in a previous blog post, which you can read here and here. And, I’ve heard myself say, “We need to sell value” to various stakeholders here […]

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