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My review will be delayed until after May 1: I fret too much to enjoy #Admission #admissions



I am not going to see “Admission” in the theater. I am probably going to wait until it’s on TNT some Saturday when I don’t have less to fret over.

The movie is out and the admissions world is aflutter. I’ve read reviews, tweets, blog posts and even semi-serious analysis about how well the Tina Fey and Paul Rudd’s movie, “Admission” depicts contemporary admission and admissions counseling. I have to admit that I am pleased to see my colleagues in college admissions get excited about the movie. In fact, they are so excited that they’ve organized a group trip the theater to watch the movie.

I am just not that excited about the movie and am unlikely to part with the $8 it will cost to watch it in the theater.

I am sure there will be some who will attribute this to curmudgeonly behavior on my part or no sense of humor. I want to assure you that it’s neither one of these things; I am neither a curmudgeon or a humorless jerk. It’s something altogether different for me.

In all candor, if I were to go to the movie I know I would do nothing but fret about mounting pressure to “make the class.” (This is probably not something that will come through in the movie, but far more realistically depicts the reality of admissions work).

There is incredible pressure felt by many admissions people this time of year as we employ all of our powers of persuasion to help counsel and recruit students. For me, it is this pressure that prevents me from doing quite a number of cool and engaging things this time of year. Honestly, it sort of defines my every moment from now until May 1. And, I know there would be nothing enjoyable about the movie for me at this time of year.

Now, I don’t want this post to be taken the wrong way; I want admissions people to go see the movie and I want them to enjoy it, talk about and tweet about it, too. I think it probably will provide a great distraction for the day-t-day and I am certain there will some laughs for all to share. I also know many who will see it (and enjoy it) feel the same pressure that I do. I am no martyr and don’t want this to come across as martyrdom in that I take my job so seriously that I can be distracted. I am simply saying, that it’s not for me…at least right now.

The real reason for the post is to explain to my two faithful readers that I won’t be posting a review of the movie until much later.

My review will come after I’ve watched the movie months from now on a Saturday afternoon when I’ve got some time to enjoy.

W. Kent Barnds @bowtieadmission

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