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Giving thanks for a fulfilling career and the great people with whom I work



During this season of thanks I am giving thanks for a great career and for all those people who (have been) are a part of my work.

First and foremost, I am thankful for a supportive family. I work long hours, take the job home with me too often and spend more time checking in with the office than anyone ever should. But, Jennie and the kids remain supportive of me, and what I love to do. I could not be more thankful for their support.

Throughout my time in higher education, I’ve been surrounded by awesome teammates. The people with whom I’ve worked—whether in admission, financial aid or marketing—have consistently pushed me to get better. They’ve also kept me humble. They’ve stepped up and stepped in whenever needed to make sure the work gets done. Most importantly, they’ve supported me. I am also really, really proud of many of my teammates who have gone on to leadership positions elsewhere. I am thankful (and admire) their success. I could not more thankful for my teammates.

The directors with whom I’ve worked (and work with currently) have been amazing. I am thankful to each for their tolerance of my style, demeanor and occasional crazy idea. I look forward to working with my senior team every day. I am thankful for their great leadership in their respective offices and for their patience and support of me as a supervisor.

My mentors are the best in the world and I am thankful for everything they’ve taught me and inspired me to do. I am grateful for their patience with me and for the time they’ve taken to respond to my silly and often time-consuming questions throughout the years. I give special thanks to my mentors for the role they’ve played in helping me find meaning in my career.

Each one of my bosses; Gordon Bateman, Ted Long and Steve Bahls put more faith in me than I had earned at the time. I am grateful for the opportunities provided, the confidence placed in me and the responsibilities put in front of me through the years.

I am also thankful for those with whom I’ve clashed throughout the years. Those with whom I’ve had tense relationships have made me better and more self-aware. I am grateful to everyone who has told me that I am “full of it.” I have been inspired to do better and to accomplish the task at hand. I am thankful for those colleagues who have forced me to reflect and get better.

Who are you thankful to when it comes to your career? Why not let them know?

Happy Thanksgiving.

Kent Barnds a.k.a. @bowtieadmission

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  1. Beth Roberts says:

    You, Kent! And Augustana, which is beyond any and greater than all of us.

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