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The #NACAC listserve content calendar for 2015-16 #emchat #admissions #nacac



Over the course of the years I’ve been an observer of the NACAC listserve, but I don’t post or respond to it. However, I have taken note about some pretty common and predictable topics that are discussed there each and ever year. I thought it might be useful to publish a content calendar in advance to help guide everyone for the next year.

So, here it goes. These are the topics and the general timeframes that are allowed next year. I am proposing that NACAC preemptively post each one of these topics for one week in each months identified below.

July                 Colleges are forcing students to apply way too early…it’s outrageous.

August            I wonder if the Common Application will suck this year?

September      I hate fast applications (a.k.a. crap applications) and they should be a violation of the SPGP for some reason.

October          The College Board, Hobsons and the Common Application are in collusion to make our lives miserable on both                         the college and high school side and profit from everything they do.

November       Please extend application deadlines for students who need the extensions.

December       Naviance is not working today and I can’t get anything done…it’s outrageous.

January          “Scott Anderson, can you answer this question about the Common Application?”

February         Demonstrated interest is wrong, hurts students and should violate the SPGP.

March             Wait lists are way too long…it’s outrageous.

April                My absolute best student was shut out and now needs a home. Who is still accepting application?

Doesn’t anyone care about the SPGP?

May                 Here’s the NACAC Space Availability Survey (these colleges didn’t do very well this year).

June                This is a great profession and colleagues on both sides of the desk are incredibly helpful.

It would also be useful for NACAC to provide the following reminders periodically:

  • The listserve should not be used to promote ANYTHING, EVER.
  • Don’t forget to register for the annual NACAC Conference
  • Please list your favorite resources for xxxxxxx.

Are there any predictable topics I missed?

Kent Barnds (a.k.a. @bowtieadmission)

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