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A few thoughts about working from home.



* I sent this to my team members early in our time working remotely.


First, thank you for your support, patience and cooperation over the course of the past few days as I’ve worked with fellow Cabinet members to chart new territory. You’ve demonstrated uncommon understanding and I am very grateful to each of you. Thank you.

I also want to thank you for already getting creative and preparing new and different ways to approach our collective work. Your ingenuity and willingness to do different makes me very proud. You have my full gratitude.

If you are anything like me, you might be struggling with routine right now and getting into a work rhythm. Uncertainty, concern for the safety of our students and family members and lots and lots of interruptions have me off my game. And, a new work environment is likely to further complicate this. So, I thought I might offer a couple of thoughts for you (and me).

1. Establish a routine immediately that is as close to your typical workday as possible. If you work out in the morning, work out. If you enjoy a cup of coffee before work, have that cup of coffee. If you usually catch up with a couple of colleagues each morning as part of your daily routine, schedule a call or Zoom or check in by phone. Don’t let this disruption change your routine and what you do to be energized.

2. Approach work from a distance in the way you do going to the office. Get up. Shower. Get dressed for work. Find a home office in which to work. We need full and complete engagement from everyone through this crisis. This is not a snow day.

3. Make a daily list of what you plan to accomplish and add three additional things to your initial list each day. Without interruptions, you will be more productive. But, you must have goal-focused work. This daily list is also a good tool to share with your supervisor, too.

4. Approach this time as an opportunity to do something that never gets above number five on your to-do list. Now is our chance to get ahead in prospect development, student recruitment, a deferred project, customized outreach and thank yous. We have an amazing opportunity to out-hustle others and I know we can do it.

5. Believe it or not, this is wonderful opportunity for collaboration; take advantage of it. People are not traveling or vacationing and should be available in different ways for collaboration. Let’s work together. 

I am writing this while on the elliptical this morning as part of sticking to my routine and maintaining my health. I hope you will find safe and productive ways to take care of yourself, too.

Please know I am here for any of your questions and am happy to hop on the phone, etc. Our work and our efforts are going to be critically important to how well the college makes it thought this crisis.

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