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W. Kent Barnds, Executive Vice President of the College and Vice President of Enrollment, Communication and  Planning

W. Kent Barnds began his work at Augustana College as vice president of enrollment in summer of 2005, leading the offices of admissions, financial assistance, communication and marketing, and web services. In summer of 2008 his role expanded as the chief communication officer and strategist in the reorganized communication and marketing office. Barnds achieved his current position as executive vice president in November of 2012. He now leads a division of more than 40 professionals in the areas of admissions, financial assistance, media and public relations, brand advancement, web and print communications, and strategic and institutional planning. During the summer of 2012 he served as Acting President while President Steve Bahls was on sabbatical.

Some of Barnds’ significant achievements in enrollment at Augustana include expanding the applicant pool by more than 70%, increasing multicultural enrollment by 250%, out of state enrollment by 46%, and improving selectivity. He also led an institution-wide strategic planning process; heading the design of that process through a focus on enterprise risk management; led the task force to develop a five-year capital plan; assisted in the development of the concept and a model for a new Center for Student Life, with combined dining, student activities and the college library; and led the search for a new chief financial officer for Augustana College.

Over the past seven years, Barnds has gained national visibility as a thought leader in admissions, enrollment and higher education through publications and quotes in Inside Higher Ed, University Business Magazine, The Daily Beast, Huffington Post, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Washington Post, College & University, and elsewhere. He also has developed and implemented a positioning platform for the president of the college and other senior leaders to gain national visibility. Barnds’ public presentation topics over the years have ranged from transparency in communicating assessment data, to marketing and communicating institutional value and affordability, to writing a great college admissions essay.

Prior to his work at Augustana, Barnds he advanced from the role  of admissions counselor through a variety of admissions positions, including  dean of admissions and enrollment management at Elizabethtown College, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania.

Kent received his B.A. from Gettysburg College and his M.S. in management from Regis University.

Kent Barnds was born Gering, Nebraska. He and his wife, Jennie, have three children, Martha, Sophie and Ben. Kent and Jennie are members of St. Paul Lutheran Church in Davenport, Iowa. He also serves the Quad City community as a Rivermont Collegiate Board of Trustee member and enjoys traveling, cooking, jazz, Lyle Lovett, running and he believes “the option” remains the most exciting styled football offense.



  1. Richard Johnson says:

    Kent, for some unknown reason I was moved this date 1/30/12 to google your uncle Delwin and I found you in the process. Del may have been gone for many years, but in my memory he is a fresh as ever. I had the privilege of attending Luther College and subsequently Augie with Del, and we roomed together for 3 semesters. Your references to your uncle’s influence ring true. He was a unique and singular individual and even these many years later I miss his presence. Running, music, and traveling witnesses his influence on you together with a love of academia. I can still see him in his sweat suit, his “combat” boots, and that ever present DAMN cigar as he headed out for a cross country practice run. And, Oh, so many other tales which may or may not be appropriate to tell. Please pardon my unannounced reminiscence, but Del left strong impressions on many, many folks, and I am one. Your chosen profession is witness to his legacy. Thanks for indulging a old Delwin fan and Augie grad.

    Rich Johnson 1964

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