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In the media

“One college spills ‘The things other colleges don’t tell you.” The Chronicle of Higher Education: Head Count, Beckie Supiano;

“College Scorecard aims to give students a way to measure cost.” Chicago Tribune. Jodi Cohen;

“A blunt instrument.” Inside Higher Ed, Kevin Kiley;

The Final Frontier,” Inside Higher Ed and USA Today, Kevin Kiley;

“Zone Defense: Midwestern liberal arts colleges use lacrosse to recapture suburban students.” Inside Higher Ed, Kevin Kiley;

New tool will give clearer picture on cost,” The Associated Press, Justin Pope;

The year in review: Navigating the new normal.” The Lawlor Review, Leslie Pilgrim;

“Those tweedy admissions deans? They are all business now.” The Chronicle of Higher Education, Eric Hoover;

The Net Price Calculator Mandate; A tough act to follow.” The Lawlor Review, Virginia Buege

“Recruiting for the Humanities” Academic Impressions, Daniel Fusch; “

Key Strategies for Retaining Men” Academic Impressions, Daniel Fusch;

“College Admissions’ Secret Strategy” The Daily Beast, Marc Zawel;

“Private Colleges Adopt a Car Loan Strategy” US News and World Report, Kim Clark;

“Speaking with applicants and admits about Financial Aid” Academic Impressions, Daniel Fusch;

“Private colleges wait to see which student pay up” Inside Higher Ed and USA Today, Scott Jaschik,

“As tough times persist, colleges must live with last year’s decisions” The Chronicle of Higher Education, Becky Supiano;

“The Early Word on Yield” Inside Higher Ed, Scott Jaschik;

“Boosting yield at Private Colleges: Making the case for value” Academic Impressions, Daniel Fusch,

“The Secret Lives of  Admissions Officers” The Daily Beast, Kathleen Kingsbury; “

This year, Colleges Recruited Students in a ‘Hall of Mirrors’” The Chronicle of Higher Education, Eric Hoover and Beckie Supiano;

“For Admissions Offices, a Spring of Uncertainty” The Chronicle of Higher Education, Beckie Supiano;

“Parents need not apply…” St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Kavita Kumar;

“When Generations Collide” The Chronicle of Higher Education, Piper Fogg;

“Colleges turn away from private lenders” The Wall Street Journal, Rob Tomsho;

“Toward a more multicultural campus” The Lutheran, Robert Elliot;

Scrubbing Bubble: With Colleges Moving Away from Standardized Testing, Will K-12 Follow? River Cities’ Reader, Jeff Igantius;

Schools’ ‘Love Notes’ Quietly Say, You’re In,” Wall Street Journal, Anne Marie Chacker; “

Banning Parents from College Tours,” Washington Post, Jay Matthews; “U.S. News Revises Its Method of Rating Colleges,” Washington Post, Jay Matthews;

“It’s Audience Participation at Elizabethtown College,” Admissions Marketing Report, Bill Gregory;

“Making the ‘A List’ Could Be Good…Or Not,” Lancaster Sunday News, Gail Rippey;

Elizabethtown College in Partnership with Students,” Lancaster New Era, David O’Conner;

Local Colleges Retain Rankings,” Lancaster Online & Lancaster New Era, Rebecca Ritzel

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